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Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe's Acrobat Reader allows you to view and print pdf documents. Acrobat Reader is free and easy to install.



Sun Java
This plug-in is required to view some content on the Internet, including features of Blackboard at KC. Click the "Get Now" button on the Java homepage for automatic installation instructions.



Adobe Flash
This plug-in allows you to view flash content on web pages. Flash is safe and completely free.


Swiff Player
Swiff Player is a Free stand-alone player that enables Flash Users to easily play their Flash movies.


PowerPoint Viewer
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer allows you to open PowerPoint presentations even if you don't own a copy of PowerPoint. The viewer will let you view existing files, but not create files, and is completely free.



This utility allows you to open and create .zip files - 30 day free trial. Note: Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 2007 have built-in zip utilities, Windows 95/98/Me do not.



    Media Players



The newest RealPlayer is currently available only for Windows XP and Vista 



QuickTime is a multimedia technology architecture enabling products from Apple and third parties. QuickTiime is a free and easy-to-use application for playing, interacting with or viewing video, audio, VR or graphics files.




 Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player 10 is an all-in-one media player that plays dgital video and audio files.


Windows Media Player for FireFox
Play Windows Media files in FireFox



    Web Browsers



Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 9 is MicroSoft's Web browser.




Mozilla FireFox
This is the Mozilla Organization's lightweight browser. It is recommended that you have two browsers available on your computer when taking online classes.



Experience the web, Apple style, with Safari: the fastest, easiest-to-use web browser in the world. With its simple, elegant interface, Safari gets out of your way and lets you enjoy the web up to 1.9 times faster than Internet Explorer.


    Spyware Removal



Ad-Aware Spyway Removal

Ad-Aware is designed to provide advanced protection from known Data-mining, aggressive advertising, Parasites, Scumware, selected traditional Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser hijackers, and tracking components.



Spybot Search and Destroy
Spybot S&D will scan for and remove spyware, adware, hijackers and other malicious software.



SpywareBlaster prevents spyware from installing in the first place! 



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