Discovery Paper

Discovery Paper/Project

Instructor: J. Palm

Spring 2012

10 points


The goal of this paper is to enhance the course so that students discover different approaches to learning the concepts presented in this class.




  1. Present this paper in a professional manner. Place the same status on this paper as you would if you were presenting to the CEO of the company that employs you. This paper will be type-written in single space using Times New Roman font size 12 with a minimum of 1 page. The paper must be at least one page or points will be deducted. Include a space between paragraphs. Check spelling and grammar. If these guidelines are not followed, a possible 10 points will be deducted. (2 points)
  2. Use this page as a cover sheet. Fill in the information below. Sources used must be documented on the cover page.  
  3. Focus on one concept of the chapter and clearly make reference to this concept.
  4. Organize the discovery paper.
    1. In the opening paragraph, discuss the topic you are exploring from our textbook. Specifically, state the chapter and the page that you found this topic from the textbook. Summarize briefly in your own words the topic that you have chosen. Then discuss why you are interested in exploring this topic further. (2 points)
    2. For the second paragraph, discuss how you obtained the information that you found beyond the textbook. You may search the internet or interview someone who works outside the classroom with your chosen topic. If you are researching on the internet, include the url for the site that you found. You may want to include details of your search process such as the ease or difficulty of finding information to give your paper depth.
    3. Following the second paragraph, at least one paragraph is needed to discuss the information from your source. Use your own words. (2 points)
    4. In the closing paragraph, discuss your thoughts on the topic and what you discovered from your research. Also, explore this topic on YouTube. Elaborate your finding from YouTube. (2 points)

Avoid plagiarism. (-10 points)


If you are interviewing someone, include the name of the person you are interviewing and the date of the interview. You may want to include some details of the interview aside from the chosen topic to give your paper depth. (2 points)


                                              Name ________________________

                                              Class and Section ___________________

                                              Date ________________

                                              Concept with page number___________________________

                                              Source ___________________________________

                                              Reference(s) for Source _____________________________


(Note: You may include more than one source. Sources may be found through interviews, books, videos, or other areas.)



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